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5 Best Wall Stickers for Bedroom in India 2022

You can easily jazz up your bedroom wall with wall stickers a.k.a. wall decals. They come handy if you are struggling with dampness on your bedroom walls because they can easily cover the defective area.

Secondly, the wall stickers are easy to paste without the need for professional help, making it easy to decor DIY stuff.

We have shortlisted the 5 best wall stickers for bedroom that will enhance the interiors effortlessly.

Best Wall Stickers for Bedroom in India 2022

#1. MOVANKRO Vinyl Wall Decal

MOVANKRO Vinyl Wall Decal 

MOVANKRO Vinyl Wall Decal gives a sweet and positive vibe to the room with its positive quotes. The wall stickers come with good quality vinyl in a matte finish.

The package also includes instruction books so it’s easier to know how to apply. The sticker modifies the beauty of the room and changes its look with minimal effort.


  • Gives a hand-painted look 
  • Easily removable
  • Do not damage the wall
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Not suitable for reusing

#2. Amaonm Chinese Style Wall Sticker

Amaonm Chinese Style Wall Sticker

Amaonm wall stickers are made from removable self-adhesive PVC material. You can easily decorate any room wall with your DIY ideas like Chinese flowers and birds.

The peel and stick sheet makes the bedroom beautiful and blissful. The decal gives the room an aesthetic feel and maintains the ecstasy. 


  • Non-toxic
  • Do not damage the wall
  • Pressure, moisture, and shock resistance


  • Can not be reused

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#3. MAFOX “Glow in the Dark” Stickers

MAFOX Glow in the Dark Stickers

“Glow in the dark” are among the best wall decals for kid’s bedroom. The wall stickers are self-adhesive stars and dots that give a bright shine to the room and turn the room into a galaxy of stars.

They are most suitable for the kid’s bedroom as they provide a fairytale feel in the room and make their imagination strong. 


  • Easy to apply on the non-textured surfaces
  • Last longer
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Gets easily peeled off


  • Can damage the walls if not removed with care

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#4. BBTO 3D Mirror Wall Stickers

BBTO 3D Mirror Wall Stickers

BBTO 3D Mirror Wall Stickers are made of plastic but give a mirror-like feeling. They are easy to use and stick on flat surfaces like walls.

These give a beautiful polish to the room and make it attractive. You can also use them as decorative pieces for various occasions and will make your celebration more pretty.


  • No special prowess required
  • Can be used on various smooth surfaces not only walls
  • Comes with a protective sticker on the mirror pieces


  • Small in size

#5. KNLWGXESC Wall Decor Stickers 

KNLWGXESC Wall Decor Stickers 

The wall decor sticker is suitable to give your bedroom a beautiful and positive vibe with beautiful quotes. It will enhance the beauty and is compatible with any aesthetic your room has thanks to the stylish font style.

This decor will inspire you and make you feel relaxed with every sight of it.


  • A good and affordable room decor
  • Can be applied on any smooth surface of your room
  • Environmental friendly
  • Do not damage the walls


  • Not suitable for dirty and rough surfaces
  • Not reusable

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Closing Thoughts

Go with MOVANKRO Vinyl Wall Decal if you need quote-style wall stickers which are more durable and long-lasting.

The Amaonm Chinese Style Wall Stickers are moisture resistant which is suitable for walls that can get moist easily or have issues of dampness.

If you have kids, go with MAFOX Glow in the Dark Stickers for making their bedrooms a fairytale land.

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