When you are in ASNEF , it is more difficult to ask for urgent loans , however, although we are on the list of defaulters , there are also companies that are not so interested in the financial history. On the home page of Creditos.ninja , there are some companies.

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The financial history of a consumer can be checked by companies and organizations, with permission to access the corresponding files. This does not mean that various quick loan companies also give financing to their clients.

Small amounts, the reality of the defaulter.

Unless you have a car with few years to endorse or heritage, the reality is that you are only going to be able to ask for € 300, € 500 or at best, € 1,000. This happens in most cases . There are exceptions, for example, that you are in ASNEF, for a small payment nonsense or that you are working for the state and the financial, have a lot of security in your profile.

* Remember that you always have to be sure that your finances are enough, like to take care of the debt. One of the most important steps, to have financial freedom and not being pressured by debts, is directly, not having them.

How long does it take to leave ASNEF?

A debt in ASNEF, has a maximum of 6 years in the file of defaulters . You can only repeat your presence in this file of defaulters, if you have another new debt or other new debts, that have not been returned as they should or have so notified. Once you have left ASNEF, when you request financing online or wherever, you will no longer have such a negative history and you will be able to access urgent money more easily.

  • In the official service of Spain, Consumer Attention, you can make claims to leave the list of ASNEF, complain about debts that do not correspond or try to disappear from the list of ASNEF.

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What do I have to have prepared if I ask for it online?

If you ask for it through your mobile or with your computer, you need to have the following things close to you:

  • Your ID : or if you know it by heart. In some online companies, they also ask that it be scanned in front and behind, many times, with making well-made photos with a quality mobile phone, it can also be useful.
  • Your payroll or demonstration of help / pension : if you are lucky enough to be able to show some income, it is necessary that the contributions, since you will be increasing the probabilities of receiving the money.
  • Your bank account number / IBAN : the bank account is usually listed in the booklet or can be accessed from the online bank. If you can not access, you could also call the bank to know the IBAN or go to the office to get it.
  • Many people forget the password of their email : even if it seems silly. It is necessary to remind some users to verify if they know the password of their email, as well as their user. It is very important to have control of the account, especially in the finances in which you have a user and the money is returned, logging in and accessing the client’s data.

Can I be garnished if I am in ASNEF?

Yes, to the company or person, to whom you owe money, carry out the corresponding judicial process and decide that the debtor is seized, it is possible that the payroll or assets, which have been placed as collateral, may be seized (If it will be a loan)

* A payroll can not be seized if you are collecting the minimum income, with which you can subsist, since legally, in Spain the law protects the defaulters in this type of case. Just as the payroll can not be seized in its entirety.

What characteristics make a debtor approved?

Some defaulters have certain characteristics, which can provide access to credit online, more likely to be approved, than other users:

  • Having a pension : it is not one of the best features of the world to collect a quick credit, however, it is still a good factor, compared to someone who works in black or compared to people who do not charge anything on a monthly basis.
  • Charging unemployment / unemployment : like the previous example, it is not the best way to get a large loan, but for credits of € 500 or € 1,000, being charged unemployment, may be sufficient reasons for the financial company accept it
  • Have a job : much better than the previous examples, especially if this, has a type of permanent contract or also called fixed. In the case of being a temporary job, you will not have access to large amounts, in most companies or serious lenders . From this point, it is easier to access a broad list of solutions, even if you are in ASNEF.
  • Be a public worker of the state : this is the profile most sought by all banks and all financial. The most stable profile at present. Even in some places, they may find interests lower than average.

If you are interested in comparing urgent loans even if you are in ASNEF , we recommend that you access the beginning of this website and there you can use the comparator tool , which we already have available at the moment.