Budapest is a beautiful city that is worth visiting all year round, even more so if you are a fan of wellness

The spas of Budapest are famous all over the world and today we take you on a tour of the most famous ones you find in the Hungarian capital.

The best spas in Budapest

It is indeed a unique place for its consolidated spa tradition , which alone is worth the trip and can become an opportunity for a relaxing stay and a perfect recharge in these cold winter months. So what do you have to look for a plane ticket and leave for a regenerating break?

bagno turco Budapest

The ancient Romans of Aquincum , a colony on the banks of the Danube, had seen us well building the first thermal establishments in the area, as they did in all the other cities of the empire. Tradition then continued by the Turks , who between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries contributed to deeply root this custom among the population of Budapest (which at that time was still only Buda).

The great era of splendor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the nineteenth century and the first years of the republic after the war saw the spa establishments flourish , in harmony with the ancient tradition, in places often very luxurious .

The Hungarians of Budapest go to the spa today with colleagues after work, between friends or family, during the week or on weekends.

The spas in Budapest have an exceptional atmosphere that can transport visitors in a different era and context. The authentic Turkish baths – Rudàs, Ràc and Kiraly – usually divided for men and women, have swimming pools ranging from very high to very low temperatures, sources of sulphurous water , a hammam , a sauna and salt for massages . The octagonal central basin, with its Ottoman-style stone arches, is illuminated only by tiny openings on the central dome. The rays of light filter through the vapor and create a halo of mystery amplified by the murmurs of the bathers that resound in the arches. Time is suspended here and it’s a bit like breaking away from reality : a magical experience …

The Rudàs baths,

probably the most beautiful in Budapest , offer an incomparable experience of well-being and relaxation, especially in the middle of winter when they help to better cope with the external climatic conditions.

Among the 19th century baths, we must mention the neklassic style Lukàcs, but above all the Széchenyi baths , a triumph of neo-baroque style in the largest spa complex in Europe . With hot springs with virtuous properties, it has the particularity of proposing, in addition to traditional swimming pools and saunas, some external basins where you can also immerse yourself surrounded by snow!

bagno Széchenyi

Széchenyi baths, Karaian photos on flickr

In these spas you go to relax, but also to keep your body young and soothe your pains . The inhabitants of Budapest crowd them every day and find themselves in the outer basins for endless games of chess, the body immersed up to life and the head that comes out of the water between the steam in the cold of winter.

Especially at Széchenyi, there is a fun mix of group activities and sports inherited from the Soviet era and it seems to have just come out of the film “The Empress Sissi”. Another original experience definitely not to be missed!

To finish the presentation of the main baths of Budapest we must absolutely mention the famous Hotel Gellért . A splendid example of Art Nouveau – “Secession”, as it was called in the Austro-Hungarian Empire -, the hotel has a spa complex known above all for its blue and golden mosaics, its stained glass windows and its columns. You will find all the services of the other bathrooms, but the people here come especially to stay in a fashionable place and admire the beautiful surroundings . Men and women go there on the same days but they have access from two separate entrances and have different rooms available. And to end the stage at the Gellért, why not stop to sip a hot tea in the hotel bar?

Budapest is rich in many other baths, less famous and sophisticated, which have helped make it the European spa capital and a perfect destination for a winter weekend full of well-being and the discovery of its artistic beauties.

Some clarification:

Each bathroom has its own peculiarities: in the mixed bathrooms we went in a bathing suit; in others, it is normal for men to wear a kind of fabric skirt to wrap around their waist.

Rates vary from one establishment to another, even depending on the furniture and additional services.


To note:

The Gellért

The Gellert is the most expensive and the least hot but it makes the exceptional frame pay . Széchenyi is more popular, less expensive (paid depending on time spent) and offers numerous opportunities for treatment. The Rudàs has very fair rates and is probably the most exotic .

All spas are generally extremely clean. Many hotels in the city have their own spa complexes , of quality but less picturesque than those mentioned in this article; we recommend the Hotel Thermal or the elegant Ramada Grand Hotel on the Margaret Island or the thermal hotel Helia on the Pest side and the Hotel Aquincum on the Buda side.

If we were able to convince you to fly to the capital of Hungary to dive into one of these wonderful spas take a look at our offers to fly to Budapest .