house is the ideal place to live. Surely you have constantly strived to maintain a clean and orderly space in order to live well, and have a harmonious and pleasant environment. That’s when you can call your space “home”. But, the passage of time is strong and a concern arises: remodel your house.

Well they say that the years do not pass in vain, and as the relationship with your partner grows and changes, and your children mature, it is necessary to give a new meaning to the way you live. Whether you have a home or rent, at some point you must make the necessary adjustments to keep your house running.

Now, remodeling a house is not a simple thing, in fact, it is as if you were rebuilding it, but it is not impossible either. You can make hundreds of adjustments with little money, doing it yourself, or evaluating what it takes to make this space the place you want to get to when leaving work.

Like everything, the arrangements to a house depend to a large extent on having an action plan. With the passage of time you will be accumulating ideas on how you can modify your bathroom, kitchen, your room, the living room or any space in the home. The reality is that you can not do everything overnight, so before putting the big ideas to work, plan.

Throughout the following article we share some ideas and tips on how you can start the remodeling of your home even if you have little budget. The first advice is: do not worry, the results will be incredible and satisfying. Have confidence in yourself . But what else do you have to take into account?

Do not freak out with purchases  

When the idea of ​​making changes comes to mind, it is most likely that you have such a big brainstorm that you can forget everything that involves making those changes. You will need time, money, dedication, consult your family and a lot of patience.

Be clear about how much money you have and the essential or immediate things is essential to start furnishing, painting, changing floors and redecorating your home. It’s not something you’re going to do in a week, so it’s best that you start by establishing that some things will take a few days while others will take a few months.

Although we all want to have things on the agenda (how strong is impatience!) When you want to do something really you have to be prepared. Take this new stage of your personal life as something occupational and relaxing and not as something that will have you stressed all the time.

Your objectives and deadlines should be achievable both in time and in economic terms. In this way you can enjoy every new corner. You can, for example, start by setting priorities. Let’s suppose that the toilet in the house is already very old, but also the water heater. Both work, but they are spending too much water and gas respectively.

If so, decide that you care more at that moment: you can change the toilet and start saving water and do it in a month, so that the expense is not so strong; Afterwards, you can call a plumber, change the heater and start saving on the gas bill. All the adjustments you make are aimed at improving the way your home works.

Define the new style

Once you have defined what the immediate needs of your home are, it is important that in order to advance with your remodeling you define a decorative style. Why? Well, most of the time it happens that one day a person buys a rustic dining room, and after two months, he changes his room for a modern and minimalist one.

The combination between rustic and minimalist elements is not exactly bad, in the end it is a matter of taste. But, most likely, over time you regret having mixed styles: the famous story of water and oil that are not worn.

Now, before defining a type of decoration, you should consult this with all the members of the family. Maybe you love the vintage, but your wife likes the modern thing better and the boys like the modern. Achieve a consensus among all, in this way it will be easier to undertake the remodeling of the house.

If you define the type of decoration of your new home, you have infinite savings possibilities because you will not spend on things that do not fit and you will only invest in what you like and that you already know what you want to have.

Hire an interior decorator

You have defined the ideal decorative style for your home. Naturally, as a neophyte, you will not know how to make a fair distribution of your house. Then the best thing is that you hire a specialist: an interior decorator. And yes, you’re probably thinking: are not we supposed to remodel with a small budget?

Well, the great news is that at present it is no longer necessary to hire a professional interior designer. Many brands of paint and tools marketers have special sites and simulators with which you can remodel your house. Look at some of them because you will be surprised with everything you can do.

Comex, the paint company, has a virtual decorator with which you can preview a specific area in order to fill it with color, or if you prefer, keep it white. For its part, The Home Depot, has a blog in which you can find from tutorial videos to tips on how you can do things yourself when you start remodeling.

In addition, you can consult sites of international stores like Ikea that has a wide content to discover how to redecorate a room of any type and with whatever style, place plants in strategic points of the house or illuminate the rooms.

There are even applications like Home By Me that allow you, as if you were an architect, to draw the plan of your house and start placing the elements you want to add. Sometimes it is not enough to have only the 90 degree vision of our house, it is good to be able to see it from above with the help of a plane. By serving from these sites you also start making significant savings.

Go to antique markets or cheaper stores

Defined the style and times you can start buying furniture, maybe you want to change your living room or your dining room. You can always search, for example, an upholsterer to help you change the room or, a carpenter who gives life to your dining room. However, if you want something new or more compact you can always go to two main places.

The first par excellence is an antique market. Although these objects have now risen in price, if you look carefully you can find beautiful furniture that suits the new style of your home. You will have the guarantee of a durable and classic furniture as opposed to a disposable furniture for economic.

You can also go to cheap decoration stores. Although supermarkets generally have sections that sell everything you may need, most of the time they are generic products that cost the same as cheaper items at other non-chain stores. Look for unique products for their design and higher quality to survive the ravages of time.

Prepare to not get into debt

As mentioned, remodeling can be a big investment, so it’s best if you’re prepared to cover the costs of remodeling. In addition to making a long-term plan, another of the options you have is to request a credit to the bank to be able to buy everything you need.

You can also request financial support from another specialized institution in the field. In both cases you will be able to obtain the necessary capital to begin the remodeling of your house. Verify which institution has lower interest rates. For example, if you go to a Sofome like Credifiel you can request a credit via payroll and, thus, start to shape the home of your dreams.