Surely you have ever felt that while the others, your acquaintances and even your relatives, are consolidating the creation of a patrimony with great strides, but you feel as if you were to watch life go by and you just do not get it.

The reality is that you can take care of the creation of a heritage with different conditions that, difficult as they may seem are not impossible to do. First, you will need a change of habits so that later, you begin to make those important things for you.

Remember that heritage is not just a house or apartment and many cars parked in the garage of a mansion. In fact, it goes further and includes the values ​​and memory that you inherit from your children, or the traditions that you share with your community.

However, it is evident that in the heritage, the idea of ​​things that are associated with material goods is well consolidated and is a reality. Before thinking about forming a patrimony, ask yourself what do I want for my future?

Then, start changing these habits:

1. Spending on what you do not need

You may have the idea that the best things in life are those that happen in a day and become an unforgettable memory: a trip to a concert, an afternoon on the beach, a romantic dinner.

All these things are truly wonderful, but the reality is that they involve expenses and that is why you can not do them every day, even if you want to. That is why it is better that, if you want to consolidate a heritage, you must spend on these items.

With this we do not mean that you do not invite your husband or wife to a romantic dinner, or that you do not buy your children any toy that they crave. The reality is that you must set limits on spending.

When you allocate all your income to things you do not need, chances are you never have a good amount of cash to meet other commitments or move fortunes forward.

Clearly this situation can get worse if you also use many credit cards to pay for items you do not need in daily life. When you “forget” to pay your card interest will begin and if you do not take precautions your debt can grow to impressive levels and delay the creation of equity.

2. You do not have a savings plan

Spending on what we do not need has as a consequence the absence of essential savings for our retirement, or simply, to achieve the objectives we desire. In the world of personal finance and the errors that occur there are always spun.

When you do not contemplate the constant savings as one of your goals or needs, the safest thing is that you start to live a day, with little money at the end of the fortnights and without a mattress to help you in emergency situations.

The lack of savings is usually synonymous with debt situations. How do you start living   of your credit cards you live by paying them and you annihilate your possibilities of having cash and consequently saving.

The situation worsens with the “minimum payment” that generates interest or, with the default that affects future credit applications with which you can achieve other goals (call automotive or mortgage credit).

3. You do not have a budget

Having a savings is synonymous with having a budget because, in that plan, you allocate a part to each thing. When you have budgeted your income, you can allocate a part to your basic needs such as rent payment, grocery shopping, payment of services and others.

At the same time you are aware that you have to pay financial commitments such as credit cards, but in addition, you know that a large percentage of your budget is destined for savings.

Why save? In addition to the credits, saving is one of the great instruments that allows us to make a patrimony. Whether it is a house or a department, or even a computer to work, getting these things depends directly on savings.

4. You have not set goals

Whether due to laziness, or because the need takes us on “uncertain” paths, the goals that we had left aside to continue living day to day. The most serious thing is when people simply do not have goals.

Dreams can be great as we land them, but if not, they can become impediments to get ahead. The ideal is that you have goals that are attainable, that come from the reason and that you can achieve.

Think, for example, of living traveling entirely. It would be like a dream, right? But if you want to achieve it, you would have to sacrifice some things that are also important, such as maintaining a stable job or saving for the future.

All the dreams you have can be transformed into reality as long as they become goals that are realizable. In this way, having a house is not necessarily a dream but something you can do if you set it as a goal.

5. You dedicate yourself to postpone things

When you think about the formation of a heritage and the acquisition of things that are tangible, it is common for you to consider getting them easily and quickly. It is not that you go to rob a bank and thus buy a house, that would be an illegal thing.

But it is a reality that many people believe they can create a heritage in the short term and not in the long term. According to a study published by Banamex in conjunction with the National Autonomous University of Mexico and INEGI, young people in Mexico have two main goals.

47% want to buy a house in the next eight years of their lives, and 19% expect to finish their studies. However, only 54% of those same young people between 18 and 29 pay their debts on time.

It seems that, therefore, we Mexicans in proportion wish to form a patrimony, but for some reason, which some point out as financial procrastination , in the end we postpone and postpone the plans of creation of a patrimony until the time is on us.

This postponement is voluntary and at the same time irrational and to a large extent it is due to the possibility of facing negative results. That’s why we do not get the full determination to achieve our goals.

But is it really that difficult to commit to forming a heritage? The keys are in changing our habits and modifying the way in which we perceive personal finances. You must start by stop living to the day and start planning the future.

It is not an issue of ages because it is never too late to start the construction of heritage. Think about it depending on what you want to inherit from your loved ones.

The solutions exist.

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A loan of this nature can help you buy smaller things that are also part of your assets such as appliances, furniture, and everything you need for your home.

Start planning!