DIY is very trendy. No wonder, because in times when we spend more and more time in front of the computer, real manual work can help us to relax in everyday life. With our ideas for decorating and our craft instructions you can live out your creativity to beautify your home.

Tealights are rather neglected compared to other candles: either they are simply placed on a tray or placed in a cheap tealight holder from the Swedish furniture store. You can tinker with the little lights quite great arrangements! In our tutorial for a great decoration of tealights, branches, ivy and raff, we will explain step by step how to get nature into the living room.

Instructions: Tealight holder made of branches and bast


  • Branches (as straight as possible)
  • Bast, natural colors
  • ivy
  • Tealight holder made of glass
  • tealights


  1. Cut the branches into pieces about 15 cm long with pruning shears. You can make tealight holders with branches of different thicknesses, with many rather thin or rather thick branches – each variant creates a different effect.
  2. Now take the branches together so that they complete with the table when setting up.
  3. Tie the bast around the lower third of the bundle of branches. Tie it gently wide so that it offers the branches good stop.
  4. Fan out the branches so that they can stand like a teepee tent and also hold a tea light in their “crown”. You may have to wrap the raffia tighter or looser.
  5. Now place one or two ivy branches around your work, remove the aluminum shell of a tealight and place it in the tealight holder made of glass, which you have already placed in the middle of the branches. Finished! Light your Tellicht and enjoy the sight!