Living in a rented house can be somewhat difficult because the idea of ​​owning a home can seem more complicated. However, it is possible to remodel a rented house while we live in it and thus, have better living conditions.

To inhabit a place implies that we want to make that place a better space than we found it when we chose it. Surely you went through hundreds of houses or apartments before choosing one to rent, but now you have begun to settle down on those walls.

Now, you have to think that you will not live in that space forever unless you forget the importance of creating your assets or that your rent is frozen, and that in the meantime, you can start thinking about a remodeling.

As the home is not yours, you have to consult the owner before making any changes, analyze what things you can change because some may be convenient and so get more out of it if someday you change. Do not give away your money without first trying to negotiate these changes.

Start with what worries you the most.

In what state is the house?

Depending on the state of the home you can think of a remodel, especially if you just changed to that space. Doing it when you have just moved makes it easier for you to make modifications before you put all your furniture and accommodate yourself.

Before renting, supervises the general state of the apartment or house. Check that there is no structural damage due to earthquakes or other natural disasters, that gas, water and electricity installations work optimally and that habitability is generally viable.

Otherwise, talk with the landlord so that as soon as possible begin to make the necessary changes: from a repair in the pipes to the change of elements such as the kitchen sink or sink.

Choose what you want to change

If you already have a time living there and you are tired of your children and you have to go through the same door that always gets stuck or see the same boring color on the walls of the room, then you can consider the beginning of the remodeling adventure .

Is there an ideal point to start? Worry about:

  • Identify areas of opportunity
  • Decide to what extent modifications can be made
  • Knowing you have enough money
  • Consult with the landlord
  • Consult with your children

Following this process it is easier to start the remodeling plans.

1. Change color

If there is something that can frustrate us in a house or in an apartment, it is the lack of lighting. We think of a thousand things before opting for the simplest, simplest and most economical: to paint. If you have a small and poorly lit room you can start by choosing a light color palette so that the light is better reflected.

And well, although the recommendation is always to opt for light colors over others darker or more striking, the reality is that you can paint the color you like the most. If you do not know how it will look or feel that it will not look good, you can check in with a virtual decorator to start monitoring the change.

Painting is an investment that will not be so expensive and will also help you improve your mood when you get home. In addition, you can always please your children with bright colors in their rooms because children love color!

Take into account that painting can not be taken away if you change one day, but it is a guarantee of living in a space that you like and it produces relaxation and a more propitious space to spend quality time with your family.

2. Make a change of styles

In addition to renovating the walls with newer paint colors you can consider a change in the entire style of your home: from bedspreads to some furniture, you can start to change for more modern or more classic things depending on what you like.

For example, perhaps what is shading the room is not the floor that is already a little old but rather the room that you have and that is already mistreated, with the stain of ice cream that once fell to your child or with a burn of cigarette butt product of a family pachanga.

If it’s about furniture then you can consider going with an upholsterer and changing the coatings of the living room or dining room. What else can you do? If the state of your room is very bad you can buy a new one or if your dining room is about to leave someone on the floor for those chairs so battered, you can also change it.

Think about changing the mosaic of the bathrooms, or the floor of the house, or renovating the kitchen is not something you can take with you if at some point you decide to take root in another city or colony. Therefore, think about what is appropriate and what not to modify.

3. Change curtains or blinds

A house changes completely with the curtains. It is striking that these are always seen from within and not from outside, why? Because they change the way we feel at home! Changing curtains can be a great step to give a new style to the home.

From always the variety of fabrics that exist in the market have set the tone to give style a space. Therefore, if you are thinking about remodeling, you can start from there taking into account that if one day you stop liking the new curtains you can go back to the old ones.

Also in the market there are many varieties of fabrics that by their characteristics do not need so many meters to achieve the curtain. When you change the curtains, take the measurements that the new ones will have.

The recommendation is: to measure the width of the window add 10 inches on each side and 15 inches lengthwise so that it is not tight and fits perfectly in your drapery. Because you also have to be sure that it will fit in the curtain that you already have.

4. Covers imperfections

Whether you do not like the floor or that is stained or very old, there are different ways to change that perception. Obviously you will not change it because that would be a very strong investment and in the end the material that you put can not be taken away.

What you can do is start by finding out if there is a way to remove it and with what technique, but without damaging it, or you can start covering imperfections using carpets.

There are incredible patterns in some rugs that can change your house completely. As well as the curtains, the carpets can keep hidden battered parts of the floor and be a very comfortable option if a weekend you want to walk barefoot around the house.

5. Full of elements that give identity to your home

Another way you can improve the way you live is the placement of decorative elements that you like and that are functional. For example, if your house is small you can place large mirrors.

The mirrors generate the feeling of spaciousness and let you always be ready to see and raise points to your vanity. So also the mirrors work so that the sensation of an illuminated space increases.

There are also plants, and if you have a good hand with them, you can greatly improve the appearance of your home. Make sure that the tone of the plants corresponds to the space you have, can be an intense green or a collection of cacti, however you will love it.

From beginning to end

It has a budget in which you identify all the modifications that you want to make in that rented house in order to turn it into a home. You can ask for a loan to finance this new project and settle it with discounts to your payroll or by direct debit to your bank account.

In any case you must be convinced to achieve what you want. The great adventure begins!