What To Expect From Your Water Restoration Company

Water Damage Before and After
Water Damage Before and After. From http://tristatefloodpro.com

One of the worst disasters in a business or home is water and flood damage. This can range from overflowing toilets, broken water pipes or a sewage backup, and these are just a few examples of ways water can destroy your property.

If you are ever in this situation you most likely will be covered by your property insurance company. The real challenge ahead is finding a good contractor that specializes in water damage restoration and can restore your home or business back to its original condition without breaking the bank.

Thanks to Green Heat SD in San Diego, CA, Below is an outline of what to expect from your contractor when dealing with such a devastating problem.

1) Get rid of the water immediately – This is going to be time sensitive since you need to extract the water from inside your home or business right away. If you can remove the water immediately you will lessen the possibility of mold growth occurring. Once the area is affected it only takes 24 hours before mold will begin to grow.

2) Drying out the affected area – The water damaged area should be ventilated and dried right away. By using dehumidifiers, high powered fans and air movers will help dry your damaged area in a timely manner. They will want to monitor the area you are drying on a regular basis to assure all the moisture has been removed. Many materials will retain water beneath their surface like drywall, insulation and carpet. If you are unable to dry it out then rip it out.

3) Remove damaged items – Any damaged items like boxes, furniture or electronics should be removed from the area you will be drying out. You can move these items to separate dry area and try to restore them. Any items like drywall, padding, carpet or insulation will need to be removed and replaced if it has been exposed to water for over 24 hours to make sure mold growth does not begin.

When you are looking for a water restoration company make sure they are certified by IICRC. This certificate indicates that the company ensures safe and healthy restoration practices. You want to be sure they are following the correct guidelines to ensure the property is safe to move back into once the job is complete.

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