Urgent loans even if you are in ASNEF

When you are in ASNEF , it is more difficult to ask for urgent loans , however, although we are on the list of defaulters , there are also companies that are not so interested in the financial history. On the home page of Creditos.ninja , there are some companies.

How important is the financial history?

The financial history of a consumer can be checked by companies and organizations, with permission to access the corresponding files. This does not mean that various quick loan companies also give financing to their clients.

Small amounts, the reality of the defaulter.

Unless you have a car with few years to endorse or heritage, the reality is that you are only going to be able to ask for € 300, € 500 or at best, € 1,000. This happens in most cases . There are exceptions, for example, that you are in ASNEF, for a small payment nonsense or that you are working for the state and the financial, have a lot of security in your profile.

* Remember that you always have to be sure that your finances are enough, like to take care of the debt. One of the most important steps, to have financial freedom and not being pressured by debts, is directly, not having them.

How long does it take to leave ASNEF?

A debt in ASNEF, has a maximum of 6 years in the file of defaulters . You can only repeat your presence in this file of defaulters, if you have another new debt or other new debts, that have not been returned as they should or have so notified. Once you have left ASNEF, when you request financing online or wherever, you will no longer have such a negative history and you will be able to access urgent money more easily.

  • In the official service of Spain, Consumer Attention, you can make claims to leave the list of ASNEF, complain about debts that do not correspond or try to disappear from the list of ASNEF.

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What do I have to have prepared if I ask for it online?

If you ask for it through your mobile or with your computer, you need to have the following things close to you:

  • Your ID : or if you know it by heart. In some online companies, they also ask that it be scanned in front and behind, many times, with making well-made photos with a quality mobile phone, it can also be useful.
  • Your payroll or demonstration of help / pension : if you are lucky enough to be able to show some income, it is necessary that the contributions, since you will be increasing the probabilities of receiving the money.
  • Your bank account number / IBAN : the bank account is usually listed in the booklet or can be accessed from the online bank. If you can not access, you could also call the bank to know the IBAN or go to the office to get it.
  • Many people forget the password of their email : even if it seems silly. It is necessary to remind some users to verify if they know the password of their email, as well as their user. It is very important to have control of the account, especially in the finances in which you have a user and the money is returned, logging in and accessing the client’s data.

Can I be garnished if I am in ASNEF?

Yes, to the company or person, to whom you owe money, carry out the corresponding judicial process and decide that the debtor is seized, it is possible that the payroll or assets, which have been placed as collateral, may be seized (If it will be a loan)

* A payroll can not be seized if you are collecting the minimum income, with which you can subsist, since legally, in Spain the law protects the defaulters in this type of case. Just as the payroll can not be seized in its entirety.

What characteristics make a debtor approved?

Some defaulters have certain characteristics, which can provide access to credit online, more likely to be approved, than other users:

  • Having a pension : it is not one of the best features of the world to collect a quick credit, however, it is still a good factor, compared to someone who works in black or compared to people who do not charge anything on a monthly basis.
  • Charging unemployment / unemployment : like the previous example, it is not the best way to get a large loan, but for credits of € 500 or € 1,000, being charged unemployment, may be sufficient reasons for the financial company accept it
  • Have a job : much better than the previous examples, especially if this, has a type of permanent contract or also called fixed. In the case of being a temporary job, you will not have access to large amounts, in most companies or serious lenders . From this point, it is easier to access a broad list of solutions, even if you are in ASNEF.
  • Be a public worker of the state : this is the profile most sought by all banks and all financial. The most stable profile at present. Even in some places, they may find interests lower than average.

If you are interested in comparing urgent loans even if you are in ASNEF , we recommend that you access the beginning of this website and there you can use the comparator tool , which we already have available at the moment.

How to protect your home against flooding

Image result for save furnitures in floodsAfter extreme rains, which occur more frequently , there is a risk that entire residential areas are flooded and houses are devastated. “The novelty is that high rainfall or flash floods can even occur on flat land without a river in the vicinity, which can lead to great damage in a short time,” explains geo-risk researcher Peter Höppe Munich Re. “I think that has yet to penetrate the consciousness of many people that this is really a threat that anyone can meet.” What can and should every homeowner do to flood his home?

Check for vulnerabilities

Above all, the house must be examined for vulnerabilities. That begins with the review of the situation. If a house is located on a slope or at the foot of a depression, it is more likely that large volumes of water will gather at the house during a storm and then run into the house via cellar windows and doors.

The building fabric or the roof can represent further weak points. If you are unsure, it’s best to hire an expert. An initial assessment of the safety of your own home supplies Questionnaire of the HochwasserKompetenzCentrum eV The association has launched the “Hochwasser-Pass” initiative and also provides concrete information on its website Tips for constructional prevention of flood damage.

Most at risk: the cellar

The biggest weakness of a house is basically the basement. The building part is not only susceptible to flooding, because groundwater can also rise and be pushed up when there are large amounts of rainfall. Just like wastewater, which then escapes through unsecured pipes in the basement. A flood in the basement can cause great damage. Apart from household goods, furniture, personal documents or stored there colors or the like, the heating is the biggest source of danger. Especially old oil heaters threaten to burst under the pressure of water. Then there is next to the water and an oil spill in-house.

Flood-adapted building

In order to protect his house against flooding, it should, so a danger exists, be retrofitted structurally. This includes, for example, to seal the basement and to buy protective elements for the windows and possibly mobile flood protection walls made of stainless steel beams. Anyone who builds new buildings should include possible flooding in the planning at this time. Among other things helps the Flood Protection Primer of the Federal Government .

Related imageWhen the flood comes

Flood warnings should not be taken lightly. Getting something out of the cellar again can be life-threatening, for example when a flash flood threatens or when the water is electrified by damaged electrics. The HochwasserKompetenzCentrum has put together tips for the correct behavior in the event of a flood hazard. This includes:

  • Find out about the status of flood warnings and weather reports via radio, television or the internet.
  • Sufficient water, food and batteries shopping.
  • Help needy relatives, children and pets to safety.
  • Do not enter the cellar, underground car park or basement any more, if the areas are already full.
  • Place computers and other technical equipment and personal documents and photos on shelves or in the attic.
  • Re-park the car if possible.
  • Do not drive in flooded areas and operate “flood tourism”. This not only endangers one’s own safety, but also hinders the work of emergency services.

The federal states offer on the Internet on the website www.hochwasserzentralen.de an interactive map on which citizens can find out about the specific dangers and risks of flooding in their region.

Why hardly anyone is safe from flooding

There are water level websites for high seas on coasts and rivers. Unlike flooding caused by, for example, storm surges on coasts and rivers, it is difficult to predict flash floods that also occur after heavy rain falls away from the water. “It’s about to make a similar system now also for heavy precipitation,” explains geo-risk researcher Höppe. “But the differentiation is not that big, because it can hit any place.” In the face of such sudden and unexpected flooding, it is only helpful to implement as many of these tips as possible, and perhaps over one to consider additional elementary damage insurance.

The spas of Budapest, a perfect destination for every season

Budapest is a beautiful city that is worth visiting all year round, even more so if you are a fan of wellness

The spas of Budapest are famous all over the world and today we take you on a tour of the most famous ones you find in the Hungarian capital.

The best spas in Budapest

It is indeed a unique place for its consolidated spa tradition , which alone is worth the trip and can become an opportunity for a relaxing stay and a perfect recharge in these cold winter months. So what do you have to look for a plane ticket and leave for a regenerating break?

bagno turco Budapest

The ancient Romans of Aquincum , a colony on the banks of the Danube, had seen us well building the first thermal establishments in the area, as they did in all the other cities of the empire. Tradition then continued by the Turks , who between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries contributed to deeply root this custom among the population of Budapest (which at that time was still only Buda).

The great era of splendor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the nineteenth century and the first years of the republic after the war saw the spa establishments flourish , in harmony with the ancient tradition, in places often very luxurious .

The Hungarians of Budapest go to the spa today with colleagues after work, between friends or family, during the week or on weekends.

The spas in Budapest have an exceptional atmosphere that can transport visitors in a different era and context. The authentic Turkish baths – Rudàs, Ràc and Kiraly – usually divided for men and women, have swimming pools ranging from very high to very low temperatures, sources of sulphurous water , a hammam , a sauna and salt for massages . The octagonal central basin, with its Ottoman-style stone arches, is illuminated only by tiny openings on the central dome. The rays of light filter through the vapor and create a halo of mystery amplified by the murmurs of the bathers that resound in the arches. Time is suspended here and it’s a bit like breaking away from reality : a magical experience …

The Rudàs baths,

probably the most beautiful in Budapest , offer an incomparable experience of well-being and relaxation, especially in the middle of winter when they help to better cope with the external climatic conditions.

Among the 19th century baths, we must mention the neklassic style Lukàcs, but above all the Széchenyi baths , a triumph of neo-baroque style in the largest spa complex in Europe . With hot springs with virtuous properties, it has the particularity of proposing, in addition to traditional swimming pools and saunas, some external basins where you can also immerse yourself surrounded by snow!

bagno Széchenyi

Széchenyi baths, Karaian photos on flickr

In these spas you go to relax, but also to keep your body young and soothe your pains . The inhabitants of Budapest crowd them every day and find themselves in the outer basins for endless games of chess, the body immersed up to life and the head that comes out of the water between the steam in the cold of winter.

Especially at Széchenyi, there is a fun mix of group activities and sports inherited from the Soviet era and it seems to have just come out of the film “The Empress Sissi”. Another original experience definitely not to be missed!

To finish the presentation of the main baths of Budapest we must absolutely mention the famous Hotel Gellért . A splendid example of Art Nouveau – “Secession”, as it was called in the Austro-Hungarian Empire -, the hotel has a spa complex known above all for its blue and golden mosaics, its stained glass windows and its columns. You will find all the services of the other bathrooms, but the people here come especially to stay in a fashionable place and admire the beautiful surroundings . Men and women go there on the same days but they have access from two separate entrances and have different rooms available. And to end the stage at the Gellért, why not stop to sip a hot tea in the hotel bar?

Budapest is rich in many other baths, less famous and sophisticated, which have helped make it the European spa capital and a perfect destination for a winter weekend full of well-being and the discovery of its artistic beauties.

Some clarification:

Each bathroom has its own peculiarities: in the mixed bathrooms we went in a bathing suit; in others, it is normal for men to wear a kind of fabric skirt to wrap around their waist.

Rates vary from one establishment to another, even depending on the furniture and additional services.


To note:

The Gellért

The Gellert is the most expensive and the least hot but it makes the exceptional frame pay . Széchenyi is more popular, less expensive (paid depending on time spent) and offers numerous opportunities for treatment. The Rudàs has very fair rates and is probably the most exotic .

All spas are generally extremely clean. Many hotels in the city have their own spa complexes , of quality but less picturesque than those mentioned in this article; we recommend the Hotel Thermal or the elegant Ramada Grand Hotel on the Margaret Island or the thermal hotel Helia on the Pest side and the Hotel Aquincum on the Buda side.

If we were able to convince you to fly to the capital of Hungary to dive into one of these wonderful spas take a look at our offers to fly to Budapest .

DIY: Rustic Tealight Holder made of Branches

DIY is very trendy. No wonder, because in times when we spend more and more time in front of the computer, real manual work can help us to relax in everyday life. With our ideas for decorating and our craft instructions you can live out your creativity to beautify your home.

Tealights are rather neglected compared to other candles: either they are simply placed on a tray or placed in a cheap tealight holder from the Swedish furniture store. You can tinker with the little lights quite great arrangements! In our tutorial for a great decoration of tealights, branches, ivy and raff, we will explain step by step how to get nature into the living room.

Instructions: Tealight holder made of branches and bast


  • Branches (as straight as possible)
  • Bast, natural colors
  • ivy
  • Tealight holder made of glass
  • tealights


  1. Cut the branches into pieces about 15 cm long with pruning shears. You can make tealight holders with branches of different thicknesses, with many rather thin or rather thick branches – each variant creates a different effect.
  2. Now take the branches together so that they complete with the table when setting up.
  3. Tie the bast around the lower third of the bundle of branches. Tie it gently wide so that it offers the branches good stop.
  4. Fan out the branches so that they can stand like a teepee tent and also hold a tea light in their “crown”. You may have to wrap the raffia tighter or looser.
  5. Now place one or two ivy branches around your work, remove the aluminum shell of a tealight and place it in the tealight holder made of glass, which you have already placed in the middle of the branches. Finished! Light your Tellicht and enjoy the sight!

Five things that prevent the creation of heritage

Surely you have ever felt that while the others, your acquaintances and even your relatives, are consolidating the creation of a patrimony with great strides, but you feel as if you were to watch life go by and you just do not get it.

The reality is that you can take care of the creation of a heritage with different conditions that, difficult as they may seem are not impossible to do. First, you will need a change of habits so that later, you begin to make those important things for you.

Remember that heritage is not just a house or apartment and many cars parked in the garage of a mansion. In fact, it goes further and includes the values ​​and memory that you inherit from your children, or the traditions that you share with your community.

However, it is evident that in the heritage, the idea of ​​things that are associated with material goods is well consolidated and is a reality. Before thinking about forming a patrimony, ask yourself what do I want for my future?

Then, start changing these habits:

1. Spending on what you do not need

You may have the idea that the best things in life are those that happen in a day and become an unforgettable memory: a trip to a concert, an afternoon on the beach, a romantic dinner.

All these things are truly wonderful, but the reality is that they involve expenses and that is why you can not do them every day, even if you want to. That is why it is better that, if you want to consolidate a heritage, you must spend on these items.

With this we do not mean that you do not invite your husband or wife to a romantic dinner, or that you do not buy your children any toy that they crave. The reality is that you must set limits on spending.

When you allocate all your income to things you do not need, chances are you never have a good amount of cash to meet other commitments or move fortunes forward.

Clearly this situation can get worse if you also use many credit cards to pay for items you do not need in daily life. When you “forget” to pay your card interest will begin and if you do not take precautions your debt can grow to impressive levels and delay the creation of equity.

2. You do not have a savings plan

Spending on what we do not need has as a consequence the absence of essential savings for our retirement, or simply, to achieve the objectives we desire. In the world of personal finance and the errors that occur there are always spun.

When you do not contemplate the constant savings as one of your goals or needs, the safest thing is that you start to live a day, with little money at the end of the fortnights and without a mattress to help you in emergency situations.

The lack of savings is usually synonymous with debt situations. How do you start living   of your credit cards you live by paying them and you annihilate your possibilities of having cash and consequently saving.

The situation worsens with the “minimum payment” that generates interest or, with the default that affects future credit applications with which you can achieve other goals (call automotive or mortgage credit).

3. You do not have a budget

Having a savings is synonymous with having a budget because, in that plan, you allocate a part to each thing. When you have budgeted your income, you can allocate a part to your basic needs such as rent payment, grocery shopping, payment of services and others.

At the same time you are aware that you have to pay financial commitments such as credit cards, but in addition, you know that a large percentage of your budget is destined for savings.

Why save? In addition to the credits, saving is one of the great instruments that allows us to make a patrimony. Whether it is a house or a department, or even a computer to work, getting these things depends directly on savings.

4. You have not set goals

Whether due to laziness, or because the need takes us on “uncertain” paths, the goals that we had left aside to continue living day to day. The most serious thing is when people simply do not have goals.

Dreams can be great as we land them, but if not, they can become impediments to get ahead. The ideal is that you have goals that are attainable, that come from the reason and that you can achieve.

Think, for example, of living traveling entirely. It would be like a dream, right? But if you want to achieve it, you would have to sacrifice some things that are also important, such as maintaining a stable job or saving for the future.

All the dreams you have can be transformed into reality as long as they become goals that are realizable. In this way, having a house is not necessarily a dream but something you can do if you set it as a goal.

5. You dedicate yourself to postpone things

When you think about the formation of a heritage and the acquisition of things that are tangible, it is common for you to consider getting them easily and quickly. It is not that you go to rob a bank and thus buy a house, that would be an illegal thing.

But it is a reality that many people believe they can create a heritage in the short term and not in the long term. According to a study published by Banamex in conjunction with the National Autonomous University of Mexico and INEGI, young people in Mexico have two main goals.

47% want to buy a house in the next eight years of their lives, and 19% expect to finish their studies. However, only 54% of those same young people between 18 and 29 pay their debts on time.

It seems that, therefore, we Mexicans in proportion wish to form a patrimony, but for some reason, which some point out as financial procrastination , in the end we postpone and postpone the plans of creation of a patrimony until the time is on us.

This postponement is voluntary and at the same time irrational and to a large extent it is due to the possibility of facing negative results. That’s why we do not get the full determination to achieve our goals.

But is it really that difficult to commit to forming a heritage? The keys are in changing our habits and modifying the way in which we perceive personal finances. You must start by stop living to the day and start planning the future.

It is not an issue of ages because it is never too late to start the construction of heritage. Think about it depending on what you want to inherit from your loved ones.

The solutions exist.

When you take care of your finances, it is easier for you to access an automotive or mortgage loan, or to loans that are granted by Sofomes that you can deduct from the payroll of your work or with a direct debit to your bank account.

A loan of this nature can help you buy smaller things that are also part of your assets such as appliances, furniture, and everything you need for your home.

Start planning!

Convert a rented home into a home

Living in a rented house can be somewhat difficult because the idea of ​​owning a home can seem more complicated. However, it is possible to remodel a rented house while we live in it and thus, have better living conditions.

To inhabit a place implies that we want to make that place a better space than we found it when we chose it. Surely you went through hundreds of houses or apartments before choosing one to rent, but now you have begun to settle down on those walls.

Now, you have to think that you will not live in that space forever unless you forget the importance of creating your assets or that your rent is frozen, and that in the meantime, you can start thinking about a remodeling.

As the home is not yours, you have to consult the owner before making any changes, analyze what things you can change because some may be convenient and so get more out of it if someday you change. Do not give away your money without first trying to negotiate these changes.

Start with what worries you the most.

In what state is the house?

Depending on the state of the home you can think of a remodel, especially if you just changed to that space. Doing it when you have just moved makes it easier for you to make modifications before you put all your furniture and accommodate yourself.

Before renting, supervises the general state of the apartment or house. Check that there is no structural damage due to earthquakes or other natural disasters, that gas, water and electricity installations work optimally and that habitability is generally viable.

Otherwise, talk with the landlord so that as soon as possible begin to make the necessary changes: from a repair in the pipes to the change of elements such as the kitchen sink or sink.

Choose what you want to change

If you already have a time living there and you are tired of your children and you have to go through the same door that always gets stuck or see the same boring color on the walls of the room, then you can consider the beginning of the remodeling adventure .

Is there an ideal point to start? Worry about:

  • Identify areas of opportunity
  • Decide to what extent modifications can be made
  • Knowing you have enough money
  • Consult with the landlord
  • Consult with your children

Following this process it is easier to start the remodeling plans.

1. Change color

If there is something that can frustrate us in a house or in an apartment, it is the lack of lighting. We think of a thousand things before opting for the simplest, simplest and most economical: to paint. If you have a small and poorly lit room you can start by choosing a light color palette so that the light is better reflected.

And well, although the recommendation is always to opt for light colors over others darker or more striking, the reality is that you can paint the color you like the most. If you do not know how it will look or feel that it will not look good, you can check in with a virtual decorator to start monitoring the change.

Painting is an investment that will not be so expensive and will also help you improve your mood when you get home. In addition, you can always please your children with bright colors in their rooms because children love color!

Take into account that painting can not be taken away if you change one day, but it is a guarantee of living in a space that you like and it produces relaxation and a more propitious space to spend quality time with your family.

2. Make a change of styles

In addition to renovating the walls with newer paint colors you can consider a change in the entire style of your home: from bedspreads to some furniture, you can start to change for more modern or more classic things depending on what you like.

For example, perhaps what is shading the room is not the floor that is already a little old but rather the room that you have and that is already mistreated, with the stain of ice cream that once fell to your child or with a burn of cigarette butt product of a family pachanga.

If it’s about furniture then you can consider going with an upholsterer and changing the coatings of the living room or dining room. What else can you do? If the state of your room is very bad you can buy a new one or if your dining room is about to leave someone on the floor for those chairs so battered, you can also change it.

Think about changing the mosaic of the bathrooms, or the floor of the house, or renovating the kitchen is not something you can take with you if at some point you decide to take root in another city or colony. Therefore, think about what is appropriate and what not to modify.

3. Change curtains or blinds

A house changes completely with the curtains. It is striking that these are always seen from within and not from outside, why? Because they change the way we feel at home! Changing curtains can be a great step to give a new style to the home.

From always the variety of fabrics that exist in the market have set the tone to give style a space. Therefore, if you are thinking about remodeling, you can start from there taking into account that if one day you stop liking the new curtains you can go back to the old ones.

Also in the market there are many varieties of fabrics that by their characteristics do not need so many meters to achieve the curtain. When you change the curtains, take the measurements that the new ones will have.

The recommendation is: to measure the width of the window add 10 inches on each side and 15 inches lengthwise so that it is not tight and fits perfectly in your drapery. Because you also have to be sure that it will fit in the curtain that you already have.

4. Covers imperfections

Whether you do not like the floor or that is stained or very old, there are different ways to change that perception. Obviously you will not change it because that would be a very strong investment and in the end the material that you put can not be taken away.

What you can do is start by finding out if there is a way to remove it and with what technique, but without damaging it, or you can start covering imperfections using carpets.

There are incredible patterns in some rugs that can change your house completely. As well as the curtains, the carpets can keep hidden battered parts of the floor and be a very comfortable option if a weekend you want to walk barefoot around the house.

5. Full of elements that give identity to your home

Another way you can improve the way you live is the placement of decorative elements that you like and that are functional. For example, if your house is small you can place large mirrors.

The mirrors generate the feeling of spaciousness and let you always be ready to see and raise points to your vanity. So also the mirrors work so that the sensation of an illuminated space increases.

There are also plants, and if you have a good hand with them, you can greatly improve the appearance of your home. Make sure that the tone of the plants corresponds to the space you have, can be an intense green or a collection of cacti, however you will love it.

From beginning to end

It has a budget in which you identify all the modifications that you want to make in that rented house in order to turn it into a home. You can ask for a loan to finance this new project and settle it with discounts to your payroll or by direct debit to your bank account.

In any case you must be convinced to achieve what you want. The great adventure begins!

How to remodel a house with a low budget

house is the ideal place to live. Surely you have constantly strived to maintain a clean and orderly space in order to live well, and have a harmonious and pleasant environment. That’s when you can call your space “home”. But, the passage of time is strong and a concern arises: remodel your house.

Well they say that the years do not pass in vain, and as the relationship with your partner grows and changes, and your children mature, it is necessary to give a new meaning to the way you live. Whether you have a home or rent, at some point you must make the necessary adjustments to keep your house running.

Now, remodeling a house is not a simple thing, in fact, it is as if you were rebuilding it, but it is not impossible either. You can make hundreds of adjustments with little money, doing it yourself, or evaluating what it takes to make this space the place you want to get to when leaving work.

Like everything, the arrangements to a house depend to a large extent on having an action plan. With the passage of time you will be accumulating ideas on how you can modify your bathroom, kitchen, your room, the living room or any space in the home. The reality is that you can not do everything overnight, so before putting the big ideas to work, plan.

Throughout the following article we share some ideas and tips on how you can start the remodeling of your home even if you have little budget. The first advice is: do not worry, the results will be incredible and satisfying. Have confidence in yourself . But what else do you have to take into account?

Do not freak out with purchases  

When the idea of ​​making changes comes to mind, it is most likely that you have such a big brainstorm that you can forget everything that involves making those changes. You will need time, money, dedication, consult your family and a lot of patience.

Be clear about how much money you have and the essential or immediate things is essential to start furnishing, painting, changing floors and redecorating your home. It’s not something you’re going to do in a week, so it’s best that you start by establishing that some things will take a few days while others will take a few months.

Although we all want to have things on the agenda (how strong is impatience!) When you want to do something really you have to be prepared. Take this new stage of your personal life as something occupational and relaxing and not as something that will have you stressed all the time.

Your objectives and deadlines should be achievable both in time and in economic terms. In this way you can enjoy every new corner. You can, for example, start by setting priorities. Let’s suppose that the toilet in the house is already very old, but also the water heater. Both work, but they are spending too much water and gas respectively.

If so, decide that you care more at that moment: you can change the toilet and start saving water and do it in a month, so that the expense is not so strong; Afterwards, you can call a plumber, change the heater and start saving on the gas bill. All the adjustments you make are aimed at improving the way your home works.

Define the new style

Once you have defined what the immediate needs of your home are, it is important that in order to advance with your remodeling you define a decorative style. Why? Well, most of the time it happens that one day a person buys a rustic dining room, and after two months, he changes his room for a modern and minimalist one.

The combination between rustic and minimalist elements is not exactly bad, in the end it is a matter of taste. But, most likely, over time you regret having mixed styles: the famous story of water and oil that are not worn.

Now, before defining a type of decoration, you should consult this with all the members of the family. Maybe you love the vintage, but your wife likes the modern thing better and the boys like the modern. Achieve a consensus among all, in this way it will be easier to undertake the remodeling of the house.

If you define the type of decoration of your new home, you have infinite savings possibilities because you will not spend on things that do not fit and you will only invest in what you like and that you already know what you want to have.

Hire an interior decorator

You have defined the ideal decorative style for your home. Naturally, as a neophyte, you will not know how to make a fair distribution of your house. Then the best thing is that you hire a specialist: an interior decorator. And yes, you’re probably thinking: are not we supposed to remodel with a small budget?

Well, the great news is that at present it is no longer necessary to hire a professional interior designer. Many brands of paint and tools marketers have special sites and simulators with which you can remodel your house. Look at some of them because you will be surprised with everything you can do.

Comex, the paint company, has a virtual decorator with which you can preview a specific area in order to fill it with color, or if you prefer, keep it white. For its part, The Home Depot, has a blog in which you can find from tutorial videos to tips on how you can do things yourself when you start remodeling.

In addition, you can consult sites of international stores like Ikea that has a wide content to discover how to redecorate a room of any type and with whatever style, place plants in strategic points of the house or illuminate the rooms.

There are even applications like Home By Me that allow you, as if you were an architect, to draw the plan of your house and start placing the elements you want to add. Sometimes it is not enough to have only the 90 degree vision of our house, it is good to be able to see it from above with the help of a plane. By serving from these sites you also start making significant savings.

Go to antique markets or cheaper stores

Defined the style and times you can start buying furniture, maybe you want to change your living room or your dining room. You can always search, for example, an upholsterer to help you change the room or, a carpenter who gives life to your dining room. However, if you want something new or more compact you can always go to two main places.

The first par excellence is an antique market. Although these objects have now risen in price, if you look carefully you can find beautiful furniture that suits the new style of your home. You will have the guarantee of a durable and classic furniture as opposed to a disposable furniture for economic.

You can also go to cheap decoration stores. Although supermarkets generally have sections that sell everything you may need, most of the time they are generic products that cost the same as cheaper items at other non-chain stores. Look for unique products for their design and higher quality to survive the ravages of time.

Prepare to not get into debt

As mentioned, remodeling can be a big investment, so it’s best if you’re prepared to cover the costs of remodeling. In addition to making a long-term plan, another of the options you have is to request a credit to the bank to be able to buy everything you need.

You can also request financial support from another specialized institution in the field. In both cases you will be able to obtain the necessary capital to begin the remodeling of your house. Verify which institution has lower interest rates. For example, if you go to a Sofome like Credifiel you can request a credit via payroll and, thus, start to shape the home of your dreams.

Psychology of colors

Psychology of colors. The Red.

Related imageOver 50 Pantone colors identify the shades of red. The first color to which lip makeup is associated, but also the first color that children distinguish from others.

The fields of application of colors are vast and wide and cover all sectors. Now let’s try to analyze a study conducted in 2003 between color and sport. During the Athens Olympics in 2003 two anthropologists from the University of Durham, Russell Hill and Robert Barton, analyzed the results of all the meetings of the various disciplines of struggle that took place during the Games. In 55% of the cases the victory went to the athletes in red and in the hand-to-hand disciplines (such as the Greco-Roman fight) this percentage rose to 62%.

The behavior of primates for example is strongly influenced by red: in males of mandrill the face and the red genitals communicate to the rivals the ability to fight and the level of brightness of the color is directly proportional to the amount of testosterone in the blood.

To understand whether the dominance of red has genetic or environmental origin, Sarah Pryked of Macquarie University of Sydeny, in July 2002 conducted a study on the diamonds of Gould, small birds that may have a red or black head depending on genetics. In food competitions, individuals with red heads have always won on others. And they have also always won the black birds whose head was colored red, because in many cases the opponents have refused the fight even before starting to fight. In these subjects the fear of red seems to be innate.

Science teaches us that color is nothing but a visual elaboration generated by the nervous signals that the photoreceptors of the retina send to the brain. Visual perception is therefore created to all intents and purposes by our brain and, as such, is capable of provoking emotional responses and different psychological attitudes.
For example, red and orange are known as intense and emotional colors, which stimulate the increase in heartbeat and breathing. Furthermore, these colors, applied to the food industry, encourage consumers to eat more and faster. This is why many leaders in the restaurant sector choose red as their corporate color, and also use this color to determine furniture details, such as placemats and curtains.

In 2017, Pitney Bowes’ communications officers commissioned research with the aim of verifying how we react in the various European countries to color messages on correspondence. The results, analyzed by the expert expert in color psychology Karen Halle (our knowledge also for the previous articles), have found that the perception of color seems to reflect the current economic situation of the country.

If for most French or British consumers, an envelope with a red message may primarily contain notice of an overdraft or non-payment, for the Germans this color has no meaning either positive or negative.
Hassler adds: “In the past, colors were an alert system, which we have maintained until today even if the level of conscious perception has been reduced by 20%”

As a result, when a company is preparing to issue a communication, it must pay attention to the color combinations used. Many color combinations can be potentially problematic, such as red and black, which in nature correspond to a message of danger and for this reason the combination of the two colors is rarely used in communication campaigns, as it could trigger a negative reaction.

In conclusion, red is the most vibrant and stimulated color of the spectrum, and expresses numerous positive and vital sensations. It is the first color that we notice, and it is the color that most of all is able to attract our attention and provoke in us any emotional reaction.

Some studies have shown that in the presence of red, an average consumer tends to spend more, and to buy more quickly, almost irrationally. it is therefore a very dynamic color, with a decidedly strong potential.
However, red is also the color of danger. Tired eyes, causes insomnia, increases blood circulation; and it is therefore a color to be used with extreme care moderation and awareness.

When is it necessary to avoid the use of this color?

We advise not to use it in the medical / health or financial sectors (red is the color of debt and the economic problem in most European countries). It is not suitable for expressing the freshness of a product or as a color for sensitization. But if you are in love, give your beloved or your beloved red roses as well .

3D Modeling Free Software

In order to enable a graphical computer representation of 3D objects, various programs and work steps are required. It must be used a variety of tools for the creation of 3D objects.

Very important is the construction of a 3D grid to model an object. After the creation of the grid, various patterns and surfaces can be applied to the grid.

After these steps, the file is almost always rendered to get a perfect surface texture. To be able to model an object as a 3D graphic, you need a suitable software.

On this page you will find various free programs and tools that you can install and use for free on your own computer. With this software you have the possibility to create 3D animations, 3D games or 3D images .

Free software for 3D modeling

The open source software Blender is very well suited for the creation of 3D animations and graphics. With various tools, Blender software is an ingenious working tool for 3D applications. On the website you can see the different uses of the tool in more detail. With Blender already smaller games were developed and published on the Internet.

AutoQ3D Community
The 3D modeling tool AutoQ3D is a very powerful software to develop 3D prototypes. The software is distributed without license on the manufacturer side and can thus be installed free of charge. There is still a small hack in the 3D software AutoQ3D. The data must be released to the public. For the pure commercial use one can acquire the standard version of the software.

3D canvas
The standard version of the 3D Canvas animation and modeling software can be downloaded for free. The 3D models can be edited with a wide variety of tools and functions in all perspectives. Each object can be moved and changed three-dimensionally. The free version of 3D Canvas is ideal for editing 3D objects. You can also create animations with the tool. 3D Canvas allows you to create photorealistic graphics. Versions with extended functionality can be ordered on the manufacturer side.

eDrawings is a freeware software to create and edit graphics in 2D or 3D. With this software you have the possibility to create schedules for the production of parts of different kinds. eDrawings offers a variety of options to create different plans in 3D by clicking. The professional version can be downloaded as a 15-day trial from the manufacturer. The standard version is offered as freeware.

Sweet Home 3DSweet Home 3D
With the design tool Sweet Home 3D you have the possibility in a house to display furniture and other objects as a 3D preview. Each room can be planned in advance and equipped with furniture. After working, the Sweet Home 3D tool offers the ability to switch between 2D and 3D views. So you can create a plan for your next move to a new house. In addition, a virtual tour in a 3D house can be made possible. Sweet Home 3D is a software for housing planning.

The program Anim8or is an ideal program to model figures as a 3D object. You can create figures, faces, hands or legs with the 3D software. On the website of the manufacturer you will find examples of the use of the free software Anim8or. But not only characters and characters can be created with the tool. Entire scenes and animations can be edited and saved with the software.

TopMod3d is a free, open source tool that can be used for various images and animations. On the online portal you will find a gallery with various sample graphics created with TopMod3D. TopMod3d can also be downloaded as a portable version. If you need 3D software on the go, you should take a look at the TopMod3d tool.

3D Plus
The software 3DPlus is a 3D design software that can be used for different areas. You can create different designs in just a few steps with the program. The 3DPlus program can be downloaded and installed completely free of charge on the Internet.

3DVia Shape
3DVia Shape is a freeware online 3D modeling application for creating 3D graphics. You can create and edit three-dimensional models of various kinds with the software 3DVia Shape. Everyone can provide their own 3D models for free on the net.

K-3D is a 3D modeling and animation software. With various plugins for the program you can put together a very powerful tool. With the program K-3D polygon structures can be assembled and adapted. The modeling of 3D graphics you can implement and edit very well with K-3D. The graphics tool can be used for free.

Glittered Spun-Cotton Strawberry Ornament

Glittered Spun-Cotton Strawberry Ornament

Beautifully bright red, this small shatterproof berry looks beautifully ripe—a prime pick for the Christmas tree.


We’ve got just the thing for a starter tree: a box of handmade ornaments so delectable, they’ll conjure visions of sugarplums. And because they’re crafted from shatterproof spun cotton—coated in craft paint, then glitter—you can gift a full set knowing they’ll stand the test of time (and pets, and toddlers).


  • 1 spun-cotton strawberry (Pictured: Smile Mercantile spun-cotton strawberry, $5 for 8, smilemercantile.etsy.com.)

  • 2 paintbrushes

  • Bright red craft paint

  • Craft glue

  • Bright red and black glitter

  • Green paper

  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

  • Craft scissors

  • Gold-filled wire, for hanging (Fire Mountain Gems 12-karat-gold-filled wire, $6.50 for 5 ft., firemountaingems.com.)


  1. Paint strawberry with craft paint; let dry. Apply craft glue with a paintbrush, then sprinkle with bright-red glitter; let dry.

  2. Apply little dots of craft glue all over strawberry, then apply black glitter to glue dots with finger. Let dry.

  3. Cut out a four-pointed star shape from green paper. Affix to top of strawberry with hot glue.

  4. Poke hole in strawberry through center of green paper with wire. Remove wire, apply a spot of craft glue to end, reinsert, and let dry.