In order to enable a graphical computer representation of 3D objects, various programs and work steps are required. It must be used a variety of tools for the creation of 3D objects.

Very important is the construction of a 3D grid to model an object. After the creation of the grid, various patterns and surfaces can be applied to the grid.

After these steps, the file is almost always rendered to get a perfect surface texture. To be able to model an object as a 3D graphic, you need a suitable software.

On this page you will find various free programs and tools that you can install and use for free on your own computer. With this software you have the possibility to create 3D animations, 3D games or 3D images .

Free software for 3D modeling

The open source software Blender is very well suited for the creation of 3D animations and graphics. With various tools, Blender software is an ingenious working tool for 3D applications. On the website you can see the different uses of the tool in more detail. With Blender already smaller games were developed and published on the Internet.

AutoQ3D Community
The 3D modeling tool AutoQ3D is a very powerful software to develop 3D prototypes. The software is distributed without license on the manufacturer side and can thus be installed free of charge. There is still a small hack in the 3D software AutoQ3D. The data must be released to the public. For the pure commercial use one can acquire the standard version of the software.

3D canvas
The standard version of the 3D Canvas animation and modeling software can be downloaded for free. The 3D models can be edited with a wide variety of tools and functions in all perspectives. Each object can be moved and changed three-dimensionally. The free version of 3D Canvas is ideal for editing 3D objects. You can also create animations with the tool. 3D Canvas allows you to create photorealistic graphics. Versions with extended functionality can be ordered on the manufacturer side.

eDrawings is a freeware software to create and edit graphics in 2D or 3D. With this software you have the possibility to create schedules for the production of parts of different kinds. eDrawings offers a variety of options to create different plans in 3D by clicking. The professional version can be downloaded as a 15-day trial from the manufacturer. The standard version is offered as freeware.

Sweet Home 3DSweet Home 3D
With the design tool Sweet Home 3D you have the possibility in a house to display furniture and other objects as a 3D preview. Each room can be planned in advance and equipped with furniture. After working, the Sweet Home 3D tool offers the ability to switch between 2D and 3D views. So you can create a plan for your next move to a new house. In addition, a virtual tour in a 3D house can be made possible. Sweet Home 3D is a software for housing planning.

The program Anim8or is an ideal program to model figures as a 3D object. You can create figures, faces, hands or legs with the 3D software. On the website of the manufacturer you will find examples of the use of the free software Anim8or. But not only characters and characters can be created with the tool. Entire scenes and animations can be edited and saved with the software.

TopMod3d is a free, open source tool that can be used for various images and animations. On the online portal you will find a gallery with various sample graphics created with TopMod3D. TopMod3d can also be downloaded as a portable version. If you need 3D software on the go, you should take a look at the TopMod3d tool.

3D Plus
The software 3DPlus is a 3D design software that can be used for different areas. You can create different designs in just a few steps with the program. The 3DPlus program can be downloaded and installed completely free of charge on the Internet.

3DVia Shape
3DVia Shape is a freeware online 3D modeling application for creating 3D graphics. You can create and edit three-dimensional models of various kinds with the software 3DVia Shape. Everyone can provide their own 3D models for free on the net.

K-3D is a 3D modeling and animation software. With various plugins for the program you can put together a very powerful tool. With the program K-3D polygon structures can be assembled and adapted. The modeling of 3D graphics you can implement and edit very well with K-3D. The graphics tool can be used for free.